Surfing Lessons

So you want to learn how to surf? Good, you’ve come to the right place. The instructors at our Bermuda Surf School have many years of experience, and a life of surfing passion to share with you. We tailor all our surfing lessons specifically for you, taking into account your experience, fitness, age and adventurousness.

Similar to the methodology in how we teach kitesurfing, our surfing instructors cater the lesson to your learning type personality.

For beginners we use Soft Surf Boards, which offer an easier, more floatable board to learn on and a more comfortable ride for when you fall or tumble. For advanced surfing lessons you have the options for smaller higher performance traditional surfers board.

You’ll learn to ride a board, read the waves and surf like a pro.


If you are a doer then we let you ¨DO¨, and move forward at your individual progression level safely, yet potentially much faster, whether in a semi private or group lesson structure.

If you’re a ¨Visual¨ learner we’ll give you the demonstration using A Hands On Approach, until you fully grasp each component.

If you prefer to learn by hearing, listening and watching demonstrations then we’ll adapt the lesson for you. We encourage and answer questions until you completely understand what you need to know to progress. You will gain a thorough understanding of why and how each level works until you feel confident. That means doing, seeing and surfing will become second nature to you.



MEETING POINT In front of the public washrooms at Horseshoe beach
Location Map
DEPARTURE TIME We leave 30 minutes before the lesson is scheduled to begin
RETURN TIME We get back half an hour after the lesson ends
WEAR Whatever you like, so long as you have something snug on underneath that will fit under a wetsuit. And bring a towel.
Professional instructor Transport to lesson site
Surfboard Wetsuit
Leash Fun
Lifejacket Helmet
Progress Getting Wet


Additional information

Duration1 hours kitesurf lesson, 2 hours kitesurf lesson
Group SizePrivate Lesson, 2 Person Group

Beginners surfing lessons at our Bermuda Surf School will help you to understand and enjoy this fantastic sport with a splash. Our instructors use a dynamic approach and teaching methodology, with fun and progression being our upmost priority, guaranteed to give you, your friends and family that perfect wave riding experience. You don’t need any prior surfing experience for the beginners course. The only necessity is that you know how to swim and want to ride the waves. We’ll help you get up and on the board, and experience a new found passion for surfing. The beginners course will teach you all the basics you need to enjoy this exciting sport for years to come.

Advanced surfing lessons are for people with previous experience of surfing who want to improve their skills and learn new skills and tricks. If you’re ready to take your surfing to the next level, Graykite Bermuda is ready to help you progress. We’ll teach you new moves and sharper turns while riding bigger waves than you have done before. Join us at Graykite Bermuda  and let our instructors give you all the tips and guidance you need to look like a star while you ride the big Atlantic swells.

Kids surfing lessons are the perfect introduction to the sport for our junior friends – they’ll have tons of fun and learn a cool new sport in complete safety. At Graykite Bermuda  we love teaching kids as it’s so rewarding to see them learning oh so fast, at a rate most of us bigger folk can only dream of. Our surfing instructors’ priorities are safety and fun and we have designed a unique lesson structure to make sure that’s what we deliver. A lesson with Graykite can help your kids discover a new passion and fully embrace the sport we call surfing.