Horseshoe Beach

Horseshoe beach is hot spot #1 for all things fun under the sun. As the name would suggest the beach is shaped like a horseshoe. With droves of tourists and locals alike that flock to the beach in the summer months from May to September making it hard at times to even find a piece of real estate to put down your towel. As you enter onto to beach to the right you will find the baby beach, a small little cove that is great for the kids.

horeseshoe beach

It is protected from the larger ocean swells here as it is nearly completely enclosed by cliffs. For those feeling brave and able to hold your breath for 30 seconds there is an underwater tunnel that runs from the baby beach to open ocean. You will want a mask to attempt the feat and be sure to warn spectators that you will not be returning for a few minutes from your under water adventure so they are aware you have not drowned and panic.

To the east end of the beach there are sand trails that pass through the national park taking you to some of Bermuda most beautiful little beaches and ending at Warwick Long Bay. A must little adventure. The bar/restaurant has great beach grub with a menu of burger and fries, chicken tenders, salads and more. If you want to know the distance to many of the world locations you will find and arrow board just in front of the beach restaurant.

You will find an arrow board.

There is a large modern washroom facility at Horseshoe beach the best on the island with showers, changing rooms and toilets. Being the busiest beach on the island Horseshoe Beach has the most active life guard station here.


Warwick Long bay is a lot more quiet than Horseshoe beach yet equally as beautiful. If you want a quieter afternoon with more locals many days than Tourist’s then this is the beach for you. The beach shelf is quite steep here however and depending on wind can have larger shore breaking waves than Horseshoe beach. There are a few large rock formations around 50 meters from the beach. Just to the right of the beach as you enter from the parking lot you will see a bunker from world war 11 to the right and just beside that a baby beach. Almost completely in closed by cliffs this charming little beach is perfect for the kids and a family picnic.

There is a toilet facility here but no showers or changing rooms. There are no life guards at Warwick Long Bay.

Elbow Beach

Elbow and Coral beach are one and the same kilometre of pristine south shore paradise. With Elbow Beach hotel on the east end and Coral Beach cottages on the west end of the beach your only access point is the public staircase which is the centre part of the beach. If horseshoe beach is hot spot #1 then Elbow and Coral beach is not far behind as hot spot #2. In the summer months it can get very busy and sometimes difficult for finding car parking. There is a portable washroom are the top of the stairs in the parking lot. There are no life guards at Elbow beach.

John Smith’s Bay

Further up the south shore coast line away from the more mainstream beaches of Horseshoe and Elbow beach you will find this little gem. There is a locally run little BQ beach restaurant up on the hill over the beach. You will also find washrooms beside the restaurant.

Cooper’s Island

Cooper’s Island and her beaches are one of the islands tucked away hidden jewels that’s off the usual tourist track. Instead of going over the bridge into St George’s you will go right at roundabout into St David’s which was home to the US Navy Air base until 1995. As you drive through St David’s you will go right about 3 kilometres in and under the landing strip for the LF Wade International Airport. You will then pass by Clearwater beach on the left and end up at a dead-end gate. You will need to park here and  go through the gate that looks locked and anything but inviting. On the other side you will find a beautiful tranquil paradise with 2 main beaches Long Bay facing East and a west facing beach that is secluded and picturesque.

You will also find a lookout tower at the end of the spit of land past both beaches. No washrooms or life guards will be found here.

Tobacco bay

For the perfect sundowner cocktail Tobacco bay is the go too beach. One of only two beaches on this end of the island it’s not only the picture-perfect little beach but it also boasts a great ambience with DJs on special nights and party party party on their big patio deck. If party party party is not your thing then there is also great snorkelling here. There is a washroom but no life guards.

Somerset Long Bay

Somerset Long Bay must have got its name much like little John whom is actually 400 pounds in his birthday suit got his name. As you are probably guessing, more than hopefully imagining little John in his Birthday suit, SLB is not that long at all, but a quiet little west facing beach. You will find a very local scene here with very few tourists. As of writing this December 2020, SLB even has its very own pet goat, yes you read that correctly, a pet goat that goes for walks and swims with his owner with his very own leash and collar. Cambridge Beaches and Nine Beaches although upon counting, we only count 3 beaches at Nine Beaches shares the same bay. There are portable toilets here. No life guards here.

Snorkel Park

At the very western end of the island facing North, you will find the family orientated by day but party disco tech beach by night, one and only Snorkel Park. With fort walls on one side of the beach and open Atlantic Ocean to the other as tucked away at the end of the Royal Naval Dockyard the sound system and party’s here are out of this world. Often bringing in international music artists and DJs the scene can be super charged with both tourists and locals mingling under the stars. Oh yes did we mention there was also great snorkelling here too. No life guards here. Great facilities. Good restaurant with multiple bars.