Elbow Beach

Elbow Beach both has the longest stretch of beach and is the most popular kite spot if the wind is blowing from ENE to SW. In the summer months there are quite a few sunbathers here so you will want to take care when landing and launching and riding close to the beach. There are three reef heads 30 meters to the left of the public access staircase about 20 meters from the beach. At low tide these reef heads can be exposed so be careful when navigating near them. The main reef system is about 800 meters from the beach and if you are not a confident kiter you will not want to navigate through the boilers to the open ocean swells. Down winders from Elbow to Warwick Long Bay or Horseshoe beach are an exciting way to see the south shore as you can play along the beaches of Southland’s Astwood Cove along the way. Just note there are only a few exit points along the way encase of any problems.

Somerset Long Bay (SLB)

Somerset Long Bay (SLB) Somerset Long Bay often has the flattest water conditions that you will find anywhere on the Island. Also, in low tide one can stand in waste high water up to 100 meters off the beach. SLB is the go-to beach when the wind is coming WNW to NW and can work in NNE as well. However, when NNE be aware as close to the beach it can be quite gusty as the wind is coming over the point of land of Cambridge Beaches. The Vixen which was sunk in 1897 to prevent attacks on the Royal Navy Dockyard is a marine protected area and only a 5-minute kite from the beach. You can kite around it and see turtles, sting rays and a plethora of fish.

Horseshoe Beach

Horseshoe Beach Horseshoe beach being the busiest and most popular beach on the island is only recommended during the spring, fall and winter months due to the large amount of people on the beach. With rocky cliffs either side of the beach you will need a very directly onshore wind here. South to SE. There can be some nice sets on this beach to kitesurf as often surfers are seen catching the waves as well.

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick Long Bay The shelf of this beach is quite steep and the shore break a little messy if there is strong wind. There are a few large standing rocks off the beach that you will want to stay clear of, but otherwise if you want a spot to ride and most likely have all to your own Warwick Long Bay is a wild and fun ride. SSE to ENE.

Cooper’s Island

Cooper’s island is for the more advanced as there are many little islets just a few hundred to 1000 meters from the beach and rocks at either sides of the beach. But for those whom are confident Cooper’s Island is perhaps the most spectacular multi dimensional kiting spot in Bermuda. If you kite from Long Bay East facing the direction of wind you will need will be NE to East and from the South facing beach SSW to SSE. From either bay you can kite your way into Castle Harbour but you cannot  enter in to far to the harbour itself because of its close proximity to the Airport. Likewise, you cannot kitesurf at Clear Water beach as it is directly in the path of the airport runway. There are turquoise blue crystal-clear waters off of Cooper’s Island with turtles, sting rays and Bermuda Long Tails to be seen at times playing around and dancing with your kite.