Unlimited Kitesurfing


Unlimited time, Uninhibited learning. Graykite’s Hero Unlimited Package is the quickest way to learn to kitesurf Bermuda style!

If you want to learn to kitesurf as quickly as possible and get a feel for the true heart and soul of our beautiful sport then the Hero Package is for you. It’s a one stop shop with a stress free approach to riding and life. You’ll love it!

The Hero package puts you in full control of your learning. Instead of booking by the hour you simply book days. You can split these into half days if you want, and on each day you can decide how long you’ll learn for, when you’ll have a break to eat or a drink and what you’ll learn next. You’re in charge!

Tarifa is the ideal location for rapid progression. The sheer quantity of wind is a major advantage – you’ll lose less days to dead air than you would almost anywhere else in the world. The variety of kite spots is also a big plus – if the wind’s too strong to learn in Tarifa you can head to Bolonia, Palmones or Los Canos de Meca to find the amount of shelter that’s appropriate given the day’s conditions.

If you’re a beginner, getting up on your board quickly is made easier by having flat water lagoons at Los Lances, Valdevaqueros and Palmones. Practicing board starts in a lagoon means you don’t have to worry about getting a mouthful of ocean or being dragged out of position by the tide.

Once you’re up on the board the variety of wind and water conditions means you’ll have a new learning experience every day. That variation is so valuable to your progression. One day you might be perfecting your transitions on butter flat water, the next you might be learning the basics of wave riding in a serious chop.

All in all, Tarifa is an ideal location to learn to kitesurf quickly. It’s almost always windy and sunny, and there is such a variety of spots and conditions that you’ll progress faster here than pretty much anywhere. And once you’re confident you can kitesurf independently in Tarifa, you know you can kitesurf anywhere in the world!

With the Hero Unlimited Package we can also arrange accommodation at the Tarifa Natural Surf House, a lovely villa just up the road from our teaching spot that provides you with a pool, barbeque, free breakfast and the chance to share your stories with like minded people from all over the world. Other accommodation options are available on request.

The Graykite Hero Unlimited Package guarantees you a no stress atmosphere, the chance to progress at a speed you’re comfortable with, unlimited time on the water and complete freedom to ride.

We can give you an idea how your days might work out but with the Hero Package it’s all up to you…


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Chiringuito Aqua, Playa de los Lances
Location Map
DEPARTURE TIME 30 minutes before lesson is scheduled to begin
RETURN TIME 30 minutes after lesson ends
WEAR Whatever you like, so long as you have something snug on underneath that will fit under a wetsuit. And bring a towel.
Professional instructor Transport to lesson site
Kitesurfing equipment Kite, Board and lines
Harness Wetsuit
Safety equipment Lifejacket
Helmet Leash
Fun Progress


Additional information

DurationUnlimited kitesurfing

Perhaps you have a relaxed schedule, with no other plans on your first day but to kite. You have lots of energy and motivation to be up and possibly riding, short to long distances on the board all in a day. Well then you will have a full day of kitesurfing lessons, breaks when you want them, and you’ll learn so much in a short time that you’ll be amazed. Total fun and excitement on the beach, we guarantee it!

With the unlimited package you have your instructor for the whole day and can learn at your own speed, taking a break when it feels best for you, as you comfortably learn at your own pace, listening to your body and energy level. If it works better with your schedule you can choose in advance to split the days, and use the same method over six half days.

Before we can start you off on the wilder stuff we’ll need to teach you the basics. We’ll start with the theory and then on to mastering your kite skills, which will take 2-3 hours.

If you’re thirsty or want a snack after this, then have a drink or bite to eat and refresh. If you want to head straight off into the water then we’ll keep on going at your speed. Once you;re ready to get into the water the thrills of your first body drag awaits.

This skill will to get you confidently moving in the water using the power of the kite, teaching you precision kite control and understanding of the wind direction. It usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for you to feel confident with this.

Up until this point your attention has been 100% focused on the kite, but now the real fun begins – putting the two dimensions together, pairing kite control with board balance.

Your kite control should by now be second nature, as you will need to take 50% of your focus away from the kite, and put the other 50% concentration into your balance and board skills.

However, we’d be surprised if by this point you haven’t worked up a well deserved appetite. So if you’ve not eaten for a while it might be a good time to have a relaxing lunch, perhaps at Aqua, a super fun chiringuito directly on location at the beach. It’s a great time to make new friends and meet other students and instructors from all over the world.

Once you’ve had a breather and digested lunch the “thrills and spills” will really begin. Board starts!!

Board starts look difficult, but we’ll have you up in no time. And keep going over it with you until it’s as natural as breathing. That may take 30 minutes, or maybe 3 hours. Everyone’s different. We’ll do it at your pace, and we’ll get you there.

As Gray says: ¨Quite often, with this approach, people are up and riding long distances on the board, all within in a day, because they’re free to learn at their own pace. There´s no blocked in hours or stop watch limiting you¨.

At the start of day 2 you’re probably back to the thrills of board starts. We usually start directly where you left off the previous day, unless you fell you need to take a step back a step back to master a previous skill. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

Once you’ve got a good feel for the kite and board you’ll probably have an idea what you’d like to learn next. Our instructors are very experienced and fully attentive to your progression level so if you’re not sure what to do next, just ask them. If they don’t think you’re ready for what you want to learn, they’ll design a series of steps to get you there. They’re committed to getting you to where you want to be.

There´s no stress, our instructors are happy to be paid according to your satisfaction with your progress, not by the amount of lessons or students they can churn through in a day. They’ll have you happy and confident on the board by the end of day two.

So, here you are, well up on the board and tasting the adrenaline and excitement in the sport of kitesurfing. You might be nailing your first transitions/turns, or maybe even you’re ready to pick up some freestyle skills. ¨Your progression is our commitment¨ – and you will progress!

We progress in the moment at your energy, motivation and skill level, knowing when to take a breather, a break or a rest for the day, only to start the next day at the same level you left off.

The Hero Package will give you value for money and a love for the sport; there is probably no better way for you to learn or for us to teach.

At Graykite the end of your course is only the beginning. We have a world of passion and experience to share with you. You have now joined our family of riders, made friends with us and our other students, you’ll be meeting the pro´s and other top riders and making connections for your future in the world of kite boarding.

Stay in touch with us by signing up for our educational and informative newsletter, get updates on kitesurfing safaris, advanced courses and wave and freestyle kitesurfing packages. You might even want to join us on our exciting French Alps snowkiting course and retreat.

With the Hero Package it’s all up to you.