The Graykite Tarifa team has some of the most experienced and passionate instructors anywhere in the world. Our kitesurfing instructors are FAV and IKO qualified.

Team leader Gray Robinson has used his years of experience to pull together a team of champion instructors. First they’ll get you up on your board and riding, then they’ll give you an intro into the magic world of kitesurfing.

Team Leader


Our team leader Gray Robinson has developed a new, improved and dynamic teaching methodology for kitesurfing. He has used the understanding gained in his 15 years of experience teaching people to kitesurf to create the quickest and most effective program to get you  up on your board and riding.

Gray has personally taught over 4,000 men, women, girls and boys to kitesurf. His pupils have ranged from 6 years of age to 79 years young; some being the larger than small type people, and some being the smaller than large ones, including very fit and getting fitter individuals.

Gray is not just a massively experienced instructor and school owner; he understands down to the smallest detail what you need to do ensure you learn how to kitesurf as quickly and safely as possible.

If that’s not enough, he’s also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, a PADI scuba instructor, personal fitness coach and qualified first aid medic.


Alfonso Arenas is a massively experienced kitesurfing instructor. He used to run a kitesurf school but stopped because he hates paperwork!

Alfonso has been teaching on Tarifa’s beaches for over 10 years and knows the area inside out. His experience means he is used to all kinds of situations, so with him as your instructor you can just relax and enjoy.

Alfonso has IKO and Spanish Sailing Federation (FAV) teaching qualifications and is also qualified to train instructors. He’s an outgoing personality and a kind character who runs very active classes and is up to speed with all the latest teaching methods. Your lessons with Alfonso will provide you with an unforgettable start to your kitesurfing adventure.


Marion Dusart is a 27 year old French Watergirl. She is a kitesurf instructor, professional windsurfer and all round watersports guru.

Marion moved to Tarifa to enjoy the amazing wind conditions and lifestyle. As a lover of the ocean and all watersports, her goal is to share, all around the world, her passion for windsurfing and kitesurfing in the best way she can.

Marion qualified with a STAPS (Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities) training license in France and holds a federal sail diploma, meaning she is qualified to teach to Olympic standard, and also to teach watersports to children and the disabled. If you want to learn pretty much any wind or water sport, Marion can teach you!


Miguel Rioja is a passionate watersports enthusiast. He began teaching sailing in 1998 and has since since taught kiteboarding and windsurfing in many countries arond the world.

Thousands of people between the ages of 3 and 80 have been initiated into the sailing sports by Miguel and most of them continue sailing to this day! He speaks English, French, Spanish and Catalan, and is qualified to teach kitesurfing anywhere in the world.

Miguel has competed in a variety of sports, including swimming, pool, football and windsurfing slalom and loves to share his experiences with everybody. He’s also a Foreign Language teacher, Naturopath (specialist in Acupuncture), Web designer…our very own polymath!